Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Centro Sucks

I have now changed my mind about my new phone. At first I thought it was fancy, but that's only because I've never had a smartphone before. The Palm Centro and anything that runs Palm OS is a complete piece of shit. Don't ever buy anything with Palm OS. The OS is very unstable and outdated. The phone randomly restarts and locks up. It has even done it during phone calls which is completely unacceptable.
And what really sucks is that Palm no longer provides java for Palm OS. I had to install a pirated copy. It didn't do much good because Java on the Palm is very unstable as well. it also has no bluetooth support, making bluetooth hax impossible with j2me apps.
I have been wating axiously for Palm to finish up their Linux OS. The fact that it is not done already is COMPLETELY unacceptable! Linux is not that hard. And a stripped down phone version of Linux is even less hard. It should be done and it's not. I have completely lost faith in Palm. They have completely fucked themselves by not getting their act together. Android is here now. It's open source and anyone can use it, modify it, and put it on their own devices.
Palm devices are a thing of the past. They belong in museums, or better yet... a dumpster.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Free Shells

There's a new place that is offering free and paid shell hosting. It pwns a lot. Check it out:

Monday, September 1, 2008

Palm Centro

So a couple months ago I bought a new phone, the Palm Centro from Sprint. It was a big improvement over my Nokia 6275i from Cricket. It has a shitload of features, it's a smartphone after all.

There's a lot of software for it. It runs pretty much everything made for Palm OS. I've loaded this phone with all kinds of crap. It has a pretty decent Xscale processor that is fast enough to run a super nintendo emulator. I installed tcpmp which allows me to play almost every video format. I've got PalmVNC so I can use my desktop computer away from home. I was even able to install Java so I could run many MIDP apps, including an SSH client. However, Palm no longer provides java and the copy I installed was quite buggy, causing the phone to crash and reboot. After installing a centro update so I could use the "my location" feature on google maps, java would no longer work. sad. :(
It has a touch screen which is really awesome and easy to use. I've gotten so accustomed to it that I keep trying to touch the screen on my other devices, which only leads to failure :(.
It's a very nice phone and I'm pretty satisfied with it, but it has a few problems...
  • Palm OS is very buggy. Sometimes I'm watching video or using some program, and it just randomly reboots. the boot up is very slow.
  • The Palm OS interface isn't exactly pretty. It looks the same as it always has.
  • The battery life could be longer. Although it's probably more than adequate for the average user, it has a lot of features that I like to play with all the time. I drain the shit out of it. It charges fast though.
  • Java does not work after updating the centro software. It just causes the phone to reboot.(please let me know if you manage to get it working)
  • The browser is decent but also sucks in a lot of ways. Opera Mini does not work.
It's still a very nice phone. It does a lot and is very affordable, but get the treo instead if you have the money.
I'll keep the phone until the end of my contract, but then I'll look into something else. I'd really like to have an open linux based phone or maybe something using Google's Android.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

lol Homeless Dude

It's been a very long time since my last post. I've been busy with work and laziness. I'm going to try to start posting more often. For now, here's some pictures of a homeless dude here in Denver.

As you can see, Denver is very committed to ending homelessness. Instead of giving moneys to the homeless peoples, we just put it in these meters. It makes the homeless people very sad because they can't get it out of the meters. It is major LULZ.

Now whenever a homeless person comes up to me on the street, asking for money, I can just point at the meter and LOL.

I think all cities should have a system of lulz such as this. It will bring people together and hopefully keep the pesky homeless people at bay. Contact your city today and ask them to start some lulz projects of their own.

If this post has inspired you to give to a worthy cause, send me an email. I have a paypal account set up for donations towards new hard drives for my rackmount server.