Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Computer

I got my new computer built! Yay!
Here's the specs:
Motherboard: Intel D975XBX2
cpu: 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
ram: 2GB (another GB is on the way. Will be here today or tomorrow.)
Video: Nvidia GeForce 8500GT (PCI Express)
Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy 4 (also have integrated Intel Audio)
Drives: 250GB SATA HDD
LiteOn DVD burner
Fans: 4 LED fans, 1 regular fan.
This computer is very fast. The only problem is that the CPU gets very hot. It idles around 48 - 55 degrees Celsius. XP and Kubuntu both scream on this thing. Holy crap. Games are very fast too. Doom 3 and Warhammer can both be run on the highest settings with no problems. Haven't tried RE4 on here yet but I'm sure it'll do fine.

Ok... I did something bad. I installed Windows Vista Ultimate. It installed in about 16 1/2 minutes. XP took 12. Not bad considering how huge Vista is.
I'm very ashamed to say this.. but Windows Vista is actually pretty nice. Its a lot more stable and probably faster than XP (if you have the right hardware). My only complaints about are that it asks you permission for every little thing and that Telnet was removed from the command prompt. I use telnet for my router. They could have at least replaced it with SSH. Anyways.. I installed Putty and took care of that problem.

In other news, Dell is now offering Ubuntu computers. Yay! Check it out.

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