Sunday, May 6, 2007

Dude. You're going to hell.

Yeah, it's happening. Sometime in the next couple of months Dell will be offering desktops with Ubuntu Linux preinstalled as an alternative to Windows. This is great news for the linux community and for people planning to buy a new computer. Dell already makes cheap computers. Offering Ubuntu as an alternative and subtracting the cost of Vista or ecks pee will only make them cheaper (also faster and more stable). The first version they will be offering is 7.04 feisty. I just hope they hurry and get it out before the next release. I wonder how Dell plans to keep up with the 6 month release cycle. It's going to be a lot more work than keeping up with Wind0ze. I wonder if they will also give customers a choice between Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Will They combine them and simply allow the customer to pick when they turn on the computer? We'll see.
Up until now I've hated Dell computers. Mainy because of the BIOS, but also the preinstalled Windows. Dell is on their way to becoming my favorite computer company. They just need to get rid of that damn Dell BIOS.

All of this is thanks to their site, Dell IdeaStorm, where thousands of people stated that they want Linux on the desktop. Go there and vote for it some more.

Here's a link to Dell's Ubuntu section

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